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We are really sorry that we have had to increase our chip prices by 15p-20p.  We are still a lot cheaper than our competitiors and, we believe, offering better chips.  A year ago we were paying just over £4.00p for a 25 kilo bag of potatoes.  This month, we are paying over £10.00p, with no obvious reduction in sight.  March 2013


The table shows the matching cost of 4 ounches of chips:

Traditional Fish and Chips - Were purchased and weighed on 13th March 2013 at 11.30am

1. Dinky Chips £1.20p  -    2 full scoops of chips - approximately 12oz - 1 person size   -           cost of 4oz 33p

2. Small Chips £2.00p - 4 full scoops of chips - approximately 1lb 8ozoz - 2 person size -          cost of 4oz 27p

3. Large Chips £3.50p - 8 full scoops of chips - approximately 3lb - family size -                        cost of 4oz 25p


Whistlers Fish and Chips - Chips were purchased and weighed on 12th March 2013 at 7pm by a mystery shopper

1.Small Chips £1.50p for 12 oz            cost of 4 oz 50p

2.Large Chips £2.10p for 1lb 4oz        cost of 4 oz 42p

Master Chippy - Chips were purchased and weighed on 6th March 2013 at 7.30pm by a mystery shopper

1. Small Chips £1.70p 12oz                 cost of 4oz 57p

2. Large Chips £2.00p 1lb 8 oz           cost of 4oz 37p

Highlands (in parade of shops) Chips were purchased and weighed on 9th March 8.40pm, 15th March 7pm, 16th March 7pm by a mystery shopper

1.  Small Chips £1.55p 12oz                cost of 4oz 57p

2. Medium Chips £2.45p 1lb 10oz       cost of 4 oz 37p

3. Large Chips £3.50p 2lb                   cost of 4 oz 44p

The previous price and portion size comparisons were carried out in May 2011 whilst present comparisons were carried out throughout March 2013 as stated above.


Our Chips are made from real potates, peeled and chipped on the premises.


Our "Dinky" chips are the same size as other chippies "Small" and a lot cheaper (between 33 + 41%).

Our "Small" chips are more than Whistlers "Large" the same as Master Chippy's "Large" and about the same size as Highlands "Medium" and a lot cheaper (between 27 + 55%).

Our "Large" Chips are half as much as Highlands "Large" chips and a lot cheaper (47%).

It is cheaper, per 4oz to buy Highlands "Medium"chips than their "large".

In Master Chippy, an extra 30p gets you twice the chips.


FISH PORTION SIZES at Traditonal Fish and Chips

Specials £4.00p (inc chips) - between 5-6 oz

Small Cod £3.50p - between 6-7oz

Medium Cod £4.00p - between 7-9.5 oz

Large Cod £4.50p - between 9.6-12 oz

Haddock £4.00p - between 6-7oz

Large Haddock £4.50p between 8-10 oz

Pollock £3.50p between 7-8 oz

Plaice £3.50p - between 5-6oz

Huss £4.00p - between 5-7oz

Skate £4.50p - over 8oz

 The previous comparisons were done in May 2011.







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